Animation & Motion Graphics

Editing for Ads & Social media

TechPixe can help you create effective ads and social media posts that will help you reach your target audience and grow your business. They have a team of experienced editors who can help you with all aspects of editing, from trimming and cutting to adding transitions and text.


Techpixe offers

At TechPixe, we offer a wide range of animation and motion graphics services to help you bring your brand to life and create engaging visual content for your audience. Our team of skilled animators and motion graphics designers can help you create custom animations and graphics that align with your brand’s unique personality and effectively communicate your message.

Our Services


2D Animation

We create 2D character animations that are engaging and visually appealing. Our team can help you create animated videos, explainer videos, product demos, and more.


3D Animation

We have the expertise to create stunning 3D animations that bring your products or services to life. We can create 3D product models, architectural visualizations, and other 3D animations that help you showcase your products or services.


Motion Graphics

We create visually appealing motion graphics that convey complex information simply and engagingly. Our motion graphics services include logo animations, explainer videos, and more.


 Whiteboard Animation

We create whiteboard animations that are engaging and effective at communicating your message. Our team can help you create whiteboard animations for explainer videos, product demos, and more.

Technologies we use