Cross-Platform App Development

Our Services In Cross-Platform App Development

Techpixe also offers cross-platform app development services with a reliable and experienced cross-platform app development company in Hyderabad. We can create custom cross-platform apps that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Cross-platform apps are built using a single codebase, which means they can be developed and maintained more easily than native apps.

Cross-Platform FrameWorks

React Native

React Native is a popular cross-platform app development framework that is based on React.js, a library of javascript. React Native uses React.js to build user interfaces for both Android and iOS apps. React Native apps can be developed quickly and easily.


Flutter is one of our popular cross-platform app development frameworks that is based on Dart. We develop Faster development, High performance. We have a experienced Flutter developers are create high-quality Android apps


NativeScript is a cross-platform app development framework that uses JavaScript.and Angular or Vue.js to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It can be used to build high-quality apps for mobile.

Cross-Platform Process at Techpixe


The next step is to design the app's user interface and user experience. This includes creating wireframes and mockups, and defining the app's branding and style.


The development phase is where the app is built. This involves coding the app's functionality, integrating it with third-party services, and testing the app.


Once the app is developed, it needs to be thoroughly tested. This includes testing the app's functionality, performance, and user experience.


Once the app is tested, it can be deployed to the app stores. This involves submitting the app to the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Maintenance and Support

Once the app is deployed, it needs to be maintained and supported. This includes fixing bugs, adding new features, and responding to user feedback.

Technologies we use