CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

CSS at Techpixe

TechPixie’s CSS services are designed to help you create beautiful, responsive, and functional websites and web applications. They have a team of experienced CSS developers and designers who can help you with all aspects of your project.


WE Offers

  • We offer CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Bulma to provide pre-defined CSS styles, layouts, and components that can be used to streamline web development and achieve consistent designs across different web pages.

Our Services


CSS design services: 

We can design CSS layouts for your websites & web applications. We can help you create beautiful & responsive designs that are tailored to your specific needs.


CSS development services

We can develop CSS code for your websites and web applications. We can help you implement your designs and make sure they are functional and efficient.


CSS consulting services

We can consult with you on CSS best practices and help you improve your CSS skills. We can also help you troubleshoot CSS problems


CSS training services:

We offer training courses on CSS. These courses can help you learn the basics of CSS, or to learn more advanced techniques.